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Become a Fundraiser

Here’s How it Works:

School or group organizer agrees to participate and chooses dates for sale period.

RBB provides optional info letter (hard copy and email) to organizer that tells parents about book and how to order

You will receive a unique link to order books online to support your school or group. Alternately, you can visit Grandkidsbooks.com/fundraiser and click on your school or group to order.

For every book purchased through your school/group link, $3.00 is donated to your school or group at the end of sale period.

In addition to financial contribution, RBB donates 1 book to your school/group for every 10 books purchased by your school/group.

When sale period concludes, RBB meets Fundraiser organizer at school (or group location chosen) for delivery. Books are delivered along with envelopes and printed sheet of labels listing names of every purchaser, number of books purchased, and grade of student.

Organizer goes over list of purchases and verifies that the number of books ordered matches number delivered. RBB gives check made out to group plus donated copies after count has been verified by both.

Blitzen Says:
“I’m not goofing around. This is a great way to get your youngsters reading an entertaining, high quality book – with some financial benefits to boot!”