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R.B Berkey, Author

Throughout four decades as a sports broadcaster, R. B. Berkey often found the need to tap into his stockpile of creativity. While reading bedtime stories to his children, and now his grandchildren, the West Michigan native has loved escaping into other authors’ imaginations.

This has led to the writing of his first children’s book which tries to solve a personal puzzle: “We know well about Santa’s lead reindeer, but what about the eight others?”

Rob Rice, Illustrator

Rob Rice has been an illustrator and animator since graduating from the Art Institute in Chicago, Illinois, in 2008. He loves to bring stories to life that build character and inspire readers to feel good about themselves and accomplish great feats.

In 2017, Rob had his greatest challenge yet. He lost his dominant right hand in an accident. He then taught himself how to draw and paint with his left hand and was able to continue to do what he loves.