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A Christmas Story
for the Whole Family

A Fun and Entertaining
Easter Tale for Children

2nd-Place Winner in 2022 San Francisco Book Festival Contest!

“Our family’s favorite Christmas book! The story is engaging and relatable, and the illustrations delightful!”
Bridget Clark Whitney
President & Founding CEO - Kids' Food Basket

Dasher Says:
“Learn about my friends and me as we race through the winter sky on a fun-filled, Christmas Eve adventure.” 

The Night I Borrowed Santa’s Sleigh

On Christmas Eve, a restless eight-year-old boy borrows Santa’s sleigh and takes it for a fun ride along with his dog. On the ride he learns the background stories of the other eight reindeer. After all, everyone knows Rudolph’s story, but what about the others?

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The Easter Bunny Is Missing!

On the day before Easter, all of the Easter Bunny’s animal friends are working hard at Big Bunny Farm to get all the Easter baskets filled with goodies. Once the Big Bunny himself rings the giant bell, the baskets are sent out to boys and girls everywhere. 

There’s just one problem.

The Easter Bunny is Missing!

The animal friends don’t know what to do. Do they wait until he’s found to send the baskets out? Do they listen to one young, tiny squirrel who insists they should send the goodies out if the Big Bunny doesn’t show up in time?

It’s a fun and entertaining mystery the young people in your life will enjoy.

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